Cellular and Wind construction in the Canadian Market

Entering the new millennium, Orion is expanding where we are needed. With an incorporation in Canada, Orion is better able to meet our customer’s needs. We have both Canadian and U.S. employees for our operations, and Canadian Construction equipment as well as seasoned technical personnel in Toronto and strategic locations in Canada. Please see our Cellular and Wind division pages for more information for the specific services included.

Services: Cellular and Radio Tower Development and Utility Grade Wind Projects

Communications Division:

  • Total Project Management
  • E-Projects
  • Civil Work / Excavation
  • Site Audits
  • Architectural Services
  • Engineering Services

Wind Division:

  • E-Projects
  • Design Services
  • Geo Technical
  • Civil Work / Excavation
  • Permitting
  • Erection
  • Post Construction Maintenance

Orion’s stellar services will transcend the boundaries with our international operations.



Cellular Infrastructure Brochure.

Cellular Technical Services Brochure.