pict_acquisitionA mistake in site acquisition can mean lost time and dollars in site implementation. Ouch! Your answer is the Site Acquisition Division specialists from Orion. A foundational part of our turnkey operation, our professionals know the business. They understand the legal and political environment and the application processes. From evaluation to timely approvals, to innovative solutions, every issue of site acquisition is meticulously addressed. To put it simply, we never drop the ball.

Site Acquisition Services Overview

  • Site procurement and acceptance
  • Lease signed by all parties, including all exhibits
  • A specifically created information package which can include mapping, site sketch, directions, photos and legal documentation
  • All zoning needed including application
  • Photo simulations if needed
  • Attendance of zoning meetings, obtain approval
  • Obtain all permits required
  • Survey, 2C letter
  • Acquire all F.A.A and A.S.A.C documents
  • Environmental Services, N.E.P.A, Phase 1, S.H.P.O, Geotechnical Services
  • Hand off signed landlord and approved for construction drawings
  • A finished package delivered to client to obtain all information initially requested
  • E-projects with instant information on your site

In addition, you will have your own Site Acquisition Specialist available to answer all your questions from beginning of the project until construction completion.